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TRIO is a science driven fitness training facility in Santa Monica, California. We believe that everyone is an athlete and that the techniques used to train the best athletes in the world are equally as applicable to everybody.

Our Story

TRIO was first started by world renowned endurance coach Gareth Thomas in 2011 as a place for all coaches to bring their athletes to empower them with sports science and laboratory testing. More recently Gareth partnered with strength and conditioning specialist Michael Denis to expand the range of TRIO’s services and reach. Michael was the head trainer at Equinox, Santa Monica and has designed and built several training facilities including leading the design for the new TRIO facility in Santa Monica.

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Gareth Thomas


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For more than 22 years, Gareth has been coach and advisor to top endurance athletes including World and National champions in Triathlon, Duathlon and Cycling. He brings elite level coaching & sports science support to age group athletes and their coaches to help everyone reach their true potential. His services include custom training programs for Running, Cycling and Triathlon, Blood Lactate testing, Swim video analysis, run technique training, nutrition programs and general endurance training consulting. Gareth is regarded as a leading authority on blood lactate testing and its application for endurance athletes. He is the author of the book “Triathlon// cutting edge training for athletes of all abilities” and was head coach of the UCLA Triathlon Team for six years. Gareth is the “results” coach and his resume speaks for itself : #puttingyoufirst.

Learn more about Gareth at coachgareth.com

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Michael Denis


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Michael is an accomplished Ironman Triathlete and strength & conditioning expert. After working with some of the best fitness centers in the USA, he developed the MDF Matrix, a revolutionary approach to strength development using science to build a customized training plans for athletes of any level. In 2016, Michael partnered with Coach Gareth to help take TRIO to a new level and took the lead role in designing and developing the new TRIO facility in Santa Monica. He is a key part of the testing process in the TRIO lab, running lactate tests and leading group workouts.

Learn more about Michael at a michaeldenisfitness.com

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Danielle Thomas

(ISSA, BCPRA, Human Kinetics, CHEK)

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TRIO Level II trainer. Specializing in One2One Personal Fitness Training, Nutrition Coaching & Yoga Instruction. Danielle helps people to maintain optimal function, health and performance. Her goal is to dispel the many nutritional myths that plague our society and provide sound, easy to apply principles for life long vitality. Fitness modalities include : Strength Training, Flexibility Development, Mobility, Rehabilitation, Injury Prevention, Cardiovascular Fitness, Weight Loss, Yoga and Athletic Performance. She has also had great success working with people with particular challenges including : Parkinsons Disease, M.S., Quadriplegic & Paraplegic, Scoliosis & Postural Development & Arthritis (Osteo & Rheumatoid)

Learn more about Danielle at bloombodyfitness.net

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Danielle Thomas

(NASM Personal Trainer)

TRIO Level I trainer. Ben has been an athlete since a young age. A natural sportsman, he has tried almost everything. He excelled in his first few triathlon races in 2014, quickly joining the small group of top athletes in his age group for the Sprint and Olympic distances and is now focusing his energy on mastering the Half Ironman distance. He has been working with endurance athletes, both amateurs and professionals and can adapt to each client's individual and specific needs. His goal is to make you a better athlete in a controlled environment. Ben has completed 2 Half Ironman races, 2 marathons and 2 half-marathons. He lives his own personal motto, “Go to bed fitter than you woke up and one step closer to your personal best”.