We love cycling and everything about it. No other sport can boast the “panache” that cycling delivers. TRIO has worked with every type of cyclist since its inception….. Road racers, Mountain bikers, Cyclocross and Tourists. Whether you are trying to hit a PR in your next time trial, conquer the mountains or flats, TRIO will make you stronger.

Accurate training = measurable results. When you take the guesswork out of your workouts, you can expect significant gains to be made. At TRIO we regularly see cyclists gaining 20-40% efficiency (lower lactate & increased fat use) in just 12 weeks. This is HUGE. Furthermore, this translates in to power you can use on the road. A shift in 25 watts at race pace threshold puts you in a new league.

Gareth first started coaching me back in 2004 when I was racing professionally as a Triathlete. Since 2008 when I transitioned to cycling professionally, Gareth and TRIO has continued to be there supporting me with lab testing and consulting. Simply the very best.

Kathryn Donovan // Professional Cyclist


The #1 assessment used to create optimal training zones and person specific workouts for cardiovascular training based on heart-rate & power.

Single test // $195
Before & after package // $375

Pedal stroke development coaching session (60 mins) // $150 (As an add-on to the Blood Lactate Test // $100)


Stay injury free, correct muscular and postural imbalances and ensure that every pedal stroke delivers optimal power to your momentum. Learn more at

Functional Movement Screening // $195
3-part strength matrix program with personal training // $55


Drop the fat, hit peak energy and stay healthy. Through our proprietary TRIO analysis we are able to review your current nutrition habits, symptoms and concerns and then prescribe a custom daily dietary program based on your needs and cycling training. The result is a custom and practical nutrition program that becomes part of your daily life and propels you towards your health, energy and body composition goals. We also teach you how to use sports supplements and drinks to optimally fuel your athletic events optimally. No more cramps, bonking or bloating

Full program // $395


Blood Lactate Test, Functional Strength Assessment and Phase 1 Strength Matrix plus pedal stroke coaching (30 mins) // MSRP $499/ package price $449

We work with a few select professional bike fit specialists who can help you dial in the perfect position on your rocketship. Contact us for a referral.