Coach Gareth has been helping people drop fat, hit peak energy levels and stay healthy for more than 20 years.

His process starts with a review of your current nutrition habits through an analysis of your 3-day food journal. He may also take cholesterol, blood glucose and stomach acid readings to get a clearer picture on how you are metabolizing your food. This in conjunction with consulting with you about your symptoms and concerns allows him to prescribe a custom daily dietary program based on your needs and training.

The result is a custom and practical nutrition program that becomes part of your daily life and propels you towards your health, energy and body composition goals. He will also teach you how to use sports supplements and drinks to optimally fuel your athletic events optimally. No more cramps, bonking or bloating. The whole process covers a 1-2 month period with Gareth on hand to help you adapt, tweak and update your plan as you get deeper in to it.

Nutrition Plan


One-time including initial Cholestrol and Blood Glucose (Subsequent screenings extra)