At TRIO we live Triathlon. It flows in our veins. Triathlon is a lifestyle, a badge worn with honor. Your accomplishments in Triathlon redefine who you are. Whether you are performance Triathlete, weekend warrior or newbie to the game, TRIO will help you master this art. Our Tri-specific packages will make you fast, lean and strong.

TRIO …. Triathlon Optimized.


Gareth coached me for many seasons at the height of my professional Triathlon career. With help from TRIO, I won Ironman Malaysia and had many top 5 places including at Ironman California, Ironman Austria and Ironman Florida. The approach is deeply scientific yet easy to apply to daily training.

Jan Strangmuller // Professional Ironman Triathlon Champion


The #1 assessment used to create optimal training zones and person specific workouts for cardiovascular training based on heart-rate & power. Learn more.

Bike & Run package // $375
Before & after package // $595


Economy of movement and efficiency of stride & stroke are key to hitting your true potential. Poor biomechanics can leave you injured, under performing and just plain slow. The TRIO video analysis services are a combination of video assessment plus one2one coaching to help you understand the limitations of your current form and make the necessary shifts to hit new performance levels.

For Swimming : One2one session with above and underwater filming (60 mins) // $250
For Cycling : One2one session (60 mins) // $150 (As an add-on to the Blood Lactate Test // $100)
For Running : One2one session (60 mins) // $150 (As an add-on to the Blood Lactate Test // $100)


Stay injury free, correct muscular and postural imbalances and ensure that you are strong where it counts to be the best Triathlete you can be. Learn More.

Functional Movement Screening // $195
3-part strength matrix program with personal training // $595


Drop the fat, hit peak energy and stay healthy. Through our proprietary TRIO analysis we are able to review your current nutrition habits, symptoms and concerns and then prescribe a custom daily dietary program based on your needs and cycling training. The result is a custom and practical nutrition program that becomes part of your daily life and propels you towards your health, energy and body composition goals. We also teach you how to use sports supplements and drinks to optimally fuel your athletic events optimally. No more cramps, bonking or bloating

Full program // $395


Blood Lactate Tests for Bike & Run, Functional Strength Assessment and Phase 1 Strength Matrix plus Swim Video Analysis and Bike pedal stroke coaching (30 mins) and Run Technique coaching (30 mins) // MSRP $995/ package price $895